*elastic, type=traction notation error in CAE

Discussion related to the textbook "Finite Element Analysis of Composite Materials" and Abaqus in general.
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*elastic, type=traction notation error in CAE

Post by ejbarbero »

In Abaqus/CAE 2020, cohesive penalty stiffnesses CAE labels are

E/Enn, G1/Ess, G2/Ett,

and the values entered there show up in the Abaqus input file under *elastic,type=traction,

but in the documentation for Abaqus input file it says that in *elastic, type=traction, those numbers are

Enn, Ess, Ett
So which one is true, in CAE, should I enter values of Enn, Ess, Ett or what?

I know from the documentation that the so-called penalty stiffnesses are Enn=E/To, Ess=G1/To, Ett=G2/To, where To is the thickness of the adhesive, E modulus of elasticity of adhesive, and G1=G2=G=E/2/(1+nu) for isotropic adhesive.

But my point is that the notation for those values in CAE is wrong. Is it?

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