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RVE Local-global analysis

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:53 pm
by turbin
Hello everybody!
At the moment I'm trying to imply the methods discussed in the 6.4 chapter of the book, devoted to Local-Global analyses with RVE.
I made a 3D model with equation constraints (EC), and then I decided to compare the results with a 6.3 example , which was made by using Tie Constraints and symmetry boundary conditions. What I found is that deformed shape on the boundary between fiber and matrix in EC version looks well less "continuous" then in TC version. The only difference between two models, that seems to influence this effect is TC model contains only partitioned part, while EC model includes several parts integrated with boolean operation in Assembly module.
I would be happy to use single part version, but my goal is to consider a stress state and failure in RVE with cohesive contact between constituents, so I want to fix the problem with different parts.
I'm attaching the pictures to illustrate what I mean.
So, the question: Is there any way to fix this problem of discontinuity?

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