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LaTeX to MS Word, LaTex2Word

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This is a huge topic for all of us LaTeX users, as more and more venues, conferences, journals, demand manuscripts typeset in MSWord.
I know. That's RIDICULOUS, but what can I do?
All the posts on the web are outdated.

The best solution for me it this.
#1. Downgrade the use of math in your manuscript to bare bones. Well, they are (implicitly) ask for it, right?

#2. Do not convert until you have you manuscript down pat.

#3. Add these lines to the preamble of your manuscript.
% to later convert PDF to MSWord
\documentclass[12pt,letter]{article}% if 12pt is what the misguided publisher wants to see in MSWord.
\usepackage[papersize={8.5in,11in},margin=1in]{geometry}% margin=Normal in MSWord.
\usepackage[none]{hyphenat}% Acrobat translates hypen to dash, so hypenation must be avoided, MSword will take care of that.

#3. Use Acrobat Acrobat DC to convert to Word. It costs a fortune, but oh well.

#4. Learn a few trick in Word. Do most of your editing by modifying the MSWord Styles, not manually.

Even then, review carefully. A few things that I know Acrobat does not translate:
1. \epsilon
2. \times will be placed as a graphic on the wrong place. You can delete it in word.
3. Other

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