How to speed up your SSD by 230% 2.3X

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How to speed up your SSD by 230% 2.3X

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Have an SSD? switch to AHCI for 230% faster read/write. Dont'have one? Buy one now!

AS-SSD benchmark on a 465 Gb SDD, MB=ASUS P755D-PRO, i5-950, 16Gb DDR3 memory.
w/Intel IDE interface = 264
w/Intel AHCI = 610 (2.3X) Wow!
500Gb HDD = 20 :-( ... nload_id=9

How to:
Prepare PC to restart in safe mode, like this: ... Safe-Mode-
Make sure you are connected to the internet, because Windows needs to automatically download the Intel AHCI drivers.
Click the Windows-button > Power.
Hold down the shift key and click Restart. This should tell windows nect time start in safe mode.
It will restart with a blue menu:
Click the option Troubleshoot.
Click the option Advanced options
Click Start-up Settings.
Click Restart.
On the keyboard, hit 4, for Safe Mode
Be ready to get into the BIOS by hitting DEL key on the keyboard
Find Storage configurations, switch from IDE to AHCI
Hit F10 to exit the BIOS and let it boot all the way.
Windows will take its time, downloading the AHCI drives, etc. It may restar multiple times.
If everything fails, you can always enter the BIOS again and switch back to IDE, but I have done it in different computers, different BIOS, WIN 7 and WIN 10, and after a bit of hassle, it always works.
as-ssd-bench WDC WDS500G1B0A- 5.23.2020 8-58-48 AM, AHCI.png
as-ssd-bench WDC WDS500G1B0A- 5.23.2020 8-58-48 AM, AHCI.png (31.74 KiB) Viewed 415 times

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