Error "Memory size may be reduced" in PowerEgde R-410 w/two Xeon E5620

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Error "Memory size may be reduced" in PowerEgde R-410 w/two Xeon E5620

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I posted here but got no answer. ... rue#M64798

I have a PowerEdge R-410 with 8x4GB PC3-10600R installed, 32GB memory working. I put 8x8 PC3-10600R.
The BIOS disabled DIMMS in B1 and B4 with error is "Memory size may be reduced." and the server now runs with only 48GB.
POST shows:
Two E5620 processors
Memory: 48GB
Sped: 1067
Voltage: 1.5v
BIOS: 1.12.0.
MEMBIST failure: Memory size may be reduced. DIMMS in B1 and B4 disabled. See the Hardware Owner's Manual. I have it. I read it. It does not say anything about this. My memory configuration 8x8GB PC3-10600R is in Table 3-2 p. 122 of 190 pages.

The sticker and the BIOS both show a Service Tag but DELL.COM does not recognizes it. I have a QR code as well. The LCD on the front panel has a label "R-410" (nothing about a roman numeral II). A sticker shows Model: E07S, Reg. E07S001.

Inside I can see 2 Xeon E5620.
CPU1 is towards the front of the chasis, CPU2 near the back panel.

I assume the memory bank B is next to CPU2? I can't find that info in the docs.
I have 2 docs. Hardware Owner's Manual and Technical Guidebook.

As I undestand the docs, each processor has 3 channels, channel 0 has 2 DIMMS, one has a black lever (closest to the processor), the other white like the rest. Channel 1 and 2, one DIMM each, all white levers.

As I understand the docs, white lever is always DIMM 1 for each channel. So the DIMMS seem to be numbered starting with black-lever B4, then white B1, completing channel 0, then white B2 (single DIMM channel 1), and finally further from the processor, white-lever B3 (single DIMM channel 2). I can't find a drawing showing the configuration 4/1/2/3. Or is it somethings else?.

On this post: ... nitWarning
I found: Memory Initialization Warning: Memory size may be reduced
Causes: Invalid memory configuration. The system will run but with less memory than is physically available.
Solution: Ensure that the memory modules are installed in a valid configuration.
HOWEVER, I have the DIMMS are in a valid configuration as per Table 3-2 in the R-410 Hardware Owner's Manual.
I tried disabling the Interleaving. No luck.
This document: ... _en-us.pdf
says that R410 does not support Xeon 5600 1.3V processors. However, I have 2 x E5620 Xeon processors working fine as long as I use 32GB. I guess my 5620 are not 1.3v.
I can make it reach 56GB by using 2 of my old 4GB DIMMS in slots A4/B4. Got 56GB.
Swapped the 4GB by 8GB DIMM's that were working OK on A1/B1. Success, still 56 GB.
Swapped the two 8GB DIMM's that were out of the server by the two 4GB DIMMS. Success! 64GB. Looks like a bad sitting problem. MEMTEST running. Done!

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